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The ad industry’s trust problem, why brand and social purpose don’t sell products, the consumption conundrum, The Dictator Game.


Andrew Tenzer is Director of Market Insight & Brand Strategy at publisher Reach plc publishers of Gut Instinct, The Empathy Delusion and The Aspiration Window.
Is the creative industry losing its focus on selling goods and services in favour of promoting green or social causes? This might make for uncomfortable listening for some in the industry

Our love/hate relationship with cookies is about to end – how do we find our customers now? Tom’s GDLabs uses AI and data science to predict and locate your customer hot spots. A simple and logical, yet hi-tech solution for your agency.

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Oops we did it again! Helen Calcraft of Lucky Generals on the art of new business, account management, great clients, great agencies, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, Top 3 ad campaigns of all time and the importance of having a mission.

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Facts to win new business meetings. The Great Resignation, WFH impact on social skills, the 4-day working week, nomad villages and working in a ghost town.


Breaking through the $1 million barrier for sustainable agency growth using new business development. Recruitment, leadership coaching, delegation.


Creative legends Tim Hollins, Greg Jordan and Martin Galton discuss their new book demystifying digital jargon to help you focus on the important things. Much hilarity here.

Episode 73: Advertising's Common Problem

How to create the right environment for growing new talent | How WFH has made problems worse | The new business career path | Are working class people more creative?

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Ben Salmon makes eCommerce fun!
The differences between mobile and desktop consumers.
eCommerce measurement maturity.
How to prioritise your digital spend.
Digital Revenue as a percentage of Total Revenue for annual reports.
Who’s doing it right and who’s missing opportunities?


The definition of luck, alternative creative strategies, how Commercial Break organization helps widen the creative talent pool, how to on-board working class talent, is the creative industry too left wing?
What makes a great client, how to attract great clients, Andy’s top 3 advertising campaigns of all time, choosing the voice that you think you should have, what’s with Alaska? and David Bowie’s anthem for strategists.